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Customizable night light : Baby Jasmine

Explore the enchanted world of Aladdin through this custom night light, a magical keepsake evoking each extraordinary bedtime. Transporting your little princess into the bewitching world of Jasmine and Aladdin, customize it with her name to offer a complete gift. Delivered in an illustrated gift box, this night light highlights the exciting adventures of Jasmine and Aladdin.


Guaranteed emotion!

44,99€ inc. tax

Handcrafted Creation
❤️ Handmade, with a lot of tenderness 

Embark on a journey to the magical and enchanting world of Aladdin with this personalized baby night light featuring Jasmine!

Give a unique and magical gift by customizing this night light with the name of your choice, creating a truly special gift for the baby you love.

❤️ Complete Gift: Delivered in a customized gift box with carefully designed illustrations highlighting the exciting adventures of Jasmine and Aladdin, this night light will be the perfect gift to enchant fans of this 1990s masterpiece.

Whether it's for a birth, a baptism, a birthday, or for a Baby Shower, this custom Aladdin-themed night light will be an ideal choice to delight fans of this popular animated movie.

Each night light is a unique creation, carefully crafted by hand with care and tenderness, offering a touching and unforgettable gift that will be cherished over the years.

Stand out by offering an original and unusual gift, which sets itself apart from traditional gifts with this Aladdin night light "A Whole New World!"

Your little princess can dream of soaring on a magic carpet, lulled by the soft changing and multicolored lights of this magical night light.

Unique piece!

   Photo de la créatrice 

Louise's Little Note ♥ 

Made of polymer clay, your little Jasmine is molded for several hours to make each of your figures completely unique.
To enhance your creation, your baby Jasmine figurine is glazed and glittered to give it charm, shine, and durability.

♥ Mysterious ingredients revealed: love and passion.

Step into themanufacturing workshop to discover the steps of your creation.

Jasmine is a fictional character often associated with personality traits such as independence, boldness, curiosity, and determination.

As a Disney princess, Jasmine is often portrayed as being brave, daring, and ready to fight for her freedom and to defend what she believes in.

She is often depicted as a strong and independent woman who refuses to conform to traditional expectations of royalty and seeks to live her own life.

Jasmine is also often admired for her beauty, intelligence, and willingness to challenge social norms and injustices. She is considered a symbol of female empowerment and self-assertion.

  • Christèle Tantet On 12/06/2024

    Merciiii Louise Toujours aussi admirative par votre talent. Le résultat est magnifique ! Je me répète ...

  • Christelle On 19/01/2024

    Reçue ce jour et c'est une merveille! Tout correspond aux photos, je ne suis vraiment pas déçue. La ...

  • Adeline On 28/10/2023

    Ma meilleure amie a trouvé ce cadeau trop émouvant pour la naissance de sa fille. Les détails sont vraiment ...

  • Villiot Vinciane On 31/10/2022

    Merci pour cette magnifique veilleuse ♥️. Le travail est parfait jusque dans les moindres détails. Beaucoup ...

  • Dheilly Hélène On 30/10/2022

    Toujours autant de plaisir à commander mais surtout à offrir ses magnifiques veilleuses personnalisées. ...

  • PEYRAMAYOU On 23/06/2022

    Tout simplement excellent ! Des créations uniques et personnalisées avec finesse et méticulosité !! ...

  • Sarah On 26/05/2022

    Je vous remercie infiniment pour la merveilleuse lampe Jasmine, elle est tellement belle et bien faite, ...

  • Guilhen On 21/04/2022

    Super travail

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Little yellow fairy with her magic wand

  In the Corner of Words...


.Aladdin: "Do you trust me?"
Jasmine : "What?"
Aladdin : "Do you trust me?"

Aladdin, 1992


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Do you want to order before the baby is born?

Your personalized night light will be crafted and reserved until you provide us with the birth details.
( name - date - height - birth weight )
Your creation will be shipped within 72 hours !

In the customization form of your model, write that the baby has not been born yet in the FIRST NAME field.
Or send an email to Louise to inform her.