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In the heart of the workshop

Welcome to Louise's universe!

Photo de l'atelier de la créatrice avec ses outils

Art creator, Louise crafts completely extraordinary artisanal nightlights.

Discover the steps of each creation to immerse yourself in the heart of the manufacturing workshop.

As soon as Louise receives an order...


First step: Baby modeling

Creation of the baby based on the skin color you chose in the customization form.

[ For this order, it is skin color No.1 "White skin" ]


Fimo modeling step to start the creation

The baby in fimo is sculpted and held in the hand

Second step: Dressing the baby

Creating the baby's outfit based on the model you selected in the customization form.

[ For this order, the customer chose the "Baby of Love" model, selecting the colors: "Soft pink and white" ]

Dressing the baby in fimo with a dress and a headband held in the hand

Adorable fimo baby girl, finished sculpting and posed in the hand

Third step: making the comforter

Each baby has a comforter.

During this step, this little comforter is created according to the chosen model and personalized with the child's name.

[ For this order, the comforter is a bunny and personalized with the name Ciana.]

Tiny bunny comforter made of fimo placed in the palm of the hand

Fourth Step : Customization of the Night Light

Your night light is customized based on the elements you entered in the customization form.

[ For this order, the customer wrote: 

  • - baby's name "Ciana"
  • - date of birth "22.07.19"
  • - birth weight "3,270 kg"
  • - birth height "50cm". ]

Fimo baby girl dressed in a gown on a personalized illuminated pebble with the name, date of birth, weight, and height

Fifth Step: Customization of the Gift Box

[ For this order, the customer chose "We Love You + Name" for the customization of her gift box. ]


Personalized newborn gift box: Customized pink gift box with a personalized nightlight - front view

Front view of the gift box

1001 Veilleuses - Beautiful Baby Love Nightlight - Customizable gift box back viewBack view of the gift box

StardustCreation Completed!

Newborn gift set with personalized gift box and nightlight with a baby on top made of fimo

Handcrafted creation completed with a personalized gift box and an illuminated pebble featuring a Fimo sculpted baby

Once the creation is complete, Louise calls the fairies to come and deliver it to you.

Adorable little fairy holding an egg in her hands

Customize Yours!

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Steps in the creation of the Dragon Ball Goku Fimo baby figurine

Fimo baby figurines with a Dragon Ball theme

Gorgeous reproduction of pajamas and cuddly toy on a handmade personalized night light