Led lamp features

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Automatic and progressive color change

relaxing ambiance

The led lamp does not heat.

Solid, the lamp resists shocks.

ON/OFF switch

Works with 3 LR44 batteries

(Demo batteries are included.)

Materials: PVC and FIMO

Product dimensions: 12 X 7 X 7 cm

Veilleuse hello kitty

To customize your lamp, you can choose:

    the skin color of the baby the color of the clothes for some models the date of birth/ or baptism, written on your night light [Optional] the birth weight of the baby, written on your night light [Optional] the baby’s birth size, written on your night light [Optional]

To know: The child’s first name is automatically written on your nightlight

Cadeau de naissance hello kitty

To customize your gift box, you can choose:

    the colour of your gift box
    your personalized text on the gift box

On the label attached to the gift box, is written the child’s first name.

Magnifique cadeau hello kitty

All our nightlights are handcrafted, they cannot be reproduced identically.

Your personalized gift is a unique creation.

Our products are decorative objects. Do not leave within the reach of children under 3 years.

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